Introduction of Kebaya As The Best Traditional Costume

Everything began with a straightforward idea. Will anybody need a sarong kebaya dress? In what capacity will it resemble to be dressed like one of these attendants? In what capacity will the normal young lady in the road look like wearing it? Will anybody even need to wear anything like that?


That was in 2005. We set up the primary sarong kebaya dress on eBay, kept our fingers crossed that somebody will some way or another need to have our dress. At the point when a woman from UK bidded on our dress, we asked her more inquiries that she did to us! For what reason do you require this dress? How would you mean to wear it? You think you need to buy another for your sister? Shouldn’t something be said about your grandmother?


Luckily, she paid before we annoyed her. We got our first sales and went ahead to do a couple of something beyond. It was an extremely intriguing knowledge to realize that the Sarong Kebaya Singapore airlines means diverse thing to various individuals. The primary woman purchased the sarong kebaya dress for her wedding. She moved from Singapore to UK as a youngster, yet dependably has affectionate recollections of her adolescence back home. The sarong kebaya helps her to remember her restricted ticket to UK on Singapore Airlines.


We sold a couple of more sarong kebayas, and gathered more stories. A movie executive needed the dress in his narrative on south east asia history. A spa proprietor needed the dress as a uniform. An instructor needed to wear the dress for her school’s International day. A noble man got it for his better half’s birthday. A woman used to have a child’s adaptation, now that she grown up, she needed the grown-up dress. The rundown goes on…


After the tenth dress sold on eBay, we began our own site, offering the sarong kebaya dress in blue, green and red, together with different things also. With a similar theme, we have coordinating shoes, wraparound, tote sacks, umbrellas, silk scarf and so forth. In 2014, we enhanced the site, made it less demanding for guests to explore. We influenced change to the shopping to truck and extend the online installment office to the entire world. We say for what reason not give a markdown to clients who buy more, let them share on their Facebook and give them a rebate.

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